The FCC’s watching Waupun and the city of Fond Du Lac following the launch of KFIZ’s brand new 100.7 FM W264DN & IKHRadio’s 92.7 FM and 96.7 FM in Waupun all 3 of which are now live and hot off the press. KFIZ’s station has no mention is on their socials or their website.

The FCC watches the launch of the new translators to ensure the smooth transition from construction to final testing & full service.

Waupun’s being watched closely as IKHRadio has begun also operating it’s translators on 96.7 FM and 92.7 FM while there’s no interference and all stations have their license to cover, construction permits and test authority permits – the FCC has to watch all 3 stations to ensure the smooth transition from construction to final testing & full service. All 3 stations launched within the same day within 1 hour. The station W264DN 100.7 FM is owned by RBH Enterprises (Randy Hopper) and IKHRadio / IKHNetworks with ties to Lockheed Martin’s Blue Greyhound / Walking Stallion Medical Research project network began within the same exact hour.

IKHRadio began it’s testing at 9:27 AM today and While KFIZ began their station at 10:07 AM today.

Both stations have received their license to cover and also are operating under a construction authority testing permit from the FCC. The Waupun sites are actually listed as W1650-EXP (AM 1650), W244IH (96.7 FM), and W224IH (92.7 FM). KFIZ is located on 100.7 FM as W264DN. KFIZ’s new 100.7 FM has almost strikingly similar coverage to 95.1 FM (W236AG) which has coverage about 10 miles outside of Fond Du Lac with a cut off range of half way between Waupun and Fond Du Lac 96.7 FM (W244IH) by IKHRadio had shockingly similar results to 103.3 FM W277AC with terms of FM coverage range. Both 103.3 FM and 96.7 FM fade out in the exact same spot – while 92.7 FM actually makes it close to Lamartine Wisconsin at just 50 watts compared to 96.7 FM at 125 watts.