AM 1170 won’t be the newest stick in the state for much longer.

My move to Waupun is under 4 days away – and if you haven’t figured out – the reason we’ve stunted with “New Tower Power” is because we’ll actually have the newest tower in Waupun and it will actually be the same height as 93.7 FM (The WFDL-AM repeater on 93.7 FM)

We’ll remain at 125 watts but with the new house – we’re really looking at about something that’s 85 to 95 foot in height as we are having the antenna mast at about 20 foot in the air. The antenna house it’s self just sits at about 30 foot at the top of the roof – the antenna we would be installing at either 20 foot or 25 foot on the edge of the house just puts me right under that 100 foot ceiling – so my medical team doesn’t need to have my parents house registered with the FAA or the ATF. Yes our stations actually serve music – but hidden underneath the music is something far more vital to me and I’m one of 32 clients who have this type of station.

Yes meet the MFJ 65 foot telescopic antenna – this antenna kit is far better than previous methods used by the medical team and does address so many issues I have had.

This antenna is amazing as it’s actually extendable and retractable – Ham Radio operators love this antenna as you can make it tall or short beginning with 5 foot all the way to 65 foot – insurance loves it as it’s not a fixed antenna and if there’s a need to move – repairing & moving is super simple, pain free and quick. Repairing small holes that go to mount it is actually far easier said than done if you opt for this option.

Most people opt for removing large portions of their lawn by literally removing the grass so they can use guide wires which is actually approved for anything higher up than 40 foot.

By law – we can’t put up a 20 foot pole as the calculations would show it to be 45 foot in the air – which actually I would be sitting in the middle of the direct path so you would hear my audio on all stations owned by Radio Plus because they use an Studio To Transmitter Link (STL) at 45 foot in the air which gives them the option to carry audio from the studio to the transmitters in Waupun.

Trust me – you don’t want to mess with Radio Plus – even if it’s unintentional and something goes wrong with my own equipment – you do need to have full blown monitoring like I do now.

I’m a witness to this first hand – as I actually got a nice letter about this back in June that’s why my team is working with me full time to monitor and help address issues very quickly.

The station 87.7 FM will carry 2 feeds True Oldies 87.7 from sunrise to sunset and Vibes Online at sunset to sunrise.

True Oldies 87.7 FM (Daytime Programming)
Vibes Online 87.7 FM (Night Time Programming)