With regards to the previous article with “The FCC’s Watching Waupun & the city of FDL” – add 2 more FM stations to that watchlist. 93.9 FM (W230DB) in Oshkosh which carries 1490 AM has just launched on the air and I can confirm it’s coverage does mess with 93.7 FM (W229DE The Source) and also watch out for 94.9 FM (W235BD – Your Hometown Station 1430) in Beaver Dam which now carries 1430 WBEV this new translator in Beaver Dam does impact 94.9 (WOLX) out of Madison which transmits from Baraboo Bluffs.

Now let’s get to the what Waupun needs to know – IKHRadio in conjunction with Lockheed Martin is involved with the medical research project of course carrying the research based medical system The Blue Greyhound Network along with the Walking Stallion Medical Service. Some things you need to know.

Edgewood was actually using TV 23 up until October 25th when I actually was able to provide proof that the church wasn’t using TV 23 properly – I tried to talk with Tim and did not reach the right terms with the church – I did inform them that their use of TV 23 must include video – their FCC license did actually say Television Broadcast License – that means – to connect all 3 campuses together using a TV station with no video – was very illegal as it would not meet the FCC’s own written authorization for such use of TV 23. I knew I would be in Waupun long term and most notably the FCC and the hospital wanted a backup system – rather than having turning in Edgewood for improper use of their own license – I went to my team of experts who helped me legally transfer the license and assets from Edgewood to me – so I could have a backup system – but it may very likely impact the livestream starting this weekend.

First of all when the FCC writes up an FCC license – for how high the tower must be – the landlord and city can’t object legally the FCC has overruled and won every time – since we are talking about everyone’s immediate safety so this is why the FCC uses FCC licenses – and directives in said license on how your tower can be installed and how high it must be to avoid posing a risk to public safety.

This is up to the FCC and with it being licensed and also protected under medical and military use as well – legally the FCC calls the shots – the landlords and even the city can’t object and the FCC has knowledge that most landlords and most cities don’t know that for the FCC reserves 15 foot sections for each operator in each city of license. Thus by law my license allows me nothing less than 75 foot in the air because there are already people with licenses who have reserved space from 25 feet to 70 feet in the air above roof level. If I operate at just 5 to 10 feet above the roof – Radio Plus can file charges since at that height above the roof – they actually reserve that space legally by the FCC, above Radio Plus at above 50 to 70 feet is all licensed and reserved and protected for use by Cable, cell phone, including emergency services, and even HAM Radio.

Per FCC rules – the FCC requires us to provide a “public file” including the address of said transmitter sites – failure to do so can result in fines as this places burden on FCC staff who have to process a records request and processing filing fees when such operators are required to provide by default.

96.7 FM W244IH and AM 1650 (W1650IH-EXP) are located at 98 Fox Lake Road in Waupun Wisconsin

92.7 FM (W224IH) is currently residing at 26 Dogleg Lane in Waupun Wisconsin

TV 23 is WECC-LP along with 96.7 FM (W244IH-FM2) emergency system – which can become primary at any time is located at 201 Edgewood Drive in Waupun Wisconsin

The radiation pattern is a Omni-directional pattern at 250 watts Horizontal and Vertical on all 3 stations – including the emergency stations.

My parents at no fault of their own are like almost every other landlord – most landlords don’t understand. This means the plans are to continue onwards without backing out – legally all the documents are in place. If I am going to spin this an easy to understand statement Homan Auto says in their commercials “Do it right the first time” that means if I follow the same concept as my dad says in his own commercials I would do the same and do it right the first time increase including the proper tower height and increased power to 1.5 kW horizontal and vertical – as authorized by the FCC.