WLKE-AM returns for the first time in over 25 years. In case you have missed I’m discontinuing FM service all together and moving strictly to AM only.

This way we can’t even come close to pissing off anyone – FM is way too crowded and the Waupun Zoning laws wouldn’t allow FM at all.

I need a way to dampen AM 1170 so their sign offs don’t keep doing what they have been since I have had way too many times with family time being ruined by “Ian Are You Okay”.

It sure is a good thing for starters my dad no longer sells cars with AM Radio, Nick Rusch doesn’t have any AM stations after sunset so he has FM repeaters so me moving to AM means I’m not hurting anyone – plus I get the upper hand too my move to AM will give me the upper hand as I’m the only station that can run 24/7 in Waupun because it’s medical use.

2nd I can travel very far on just 100 watts & my move to Waupun means I can re-launch AM 1650 long overdue too.
The Source which is heard on 96.7 FM will shutdown as soon as I find out further information – my guess is – I’m stuck with FM until I move to my actual home on 98 Fox Lake Road because I’m residing at my parents house “as a temporary address”