Abusive, Controling, Relentless Power Hungry Whore – Vladimir Putin might have got the memo that people have started a movement to say “FUCK PUTIN” – Even The BBC has Joined The “Fuck Putin Movement” which is a very good thing as it shows solidarity – that what putin is doing is so wrong, and the countries and the people who broke away from their abusive power whore Vladimir Putin do not want to be back in an abusive relationship with Vladimir Putin.

The BBC announced it was bringing back the WWII-era broadcasting technology in the region just hours before its sites were banned. News of the ban was also reported by Russian state news agency RIA.

Shortwave radio uses frequencies that carry over long distances and are accessible on portable sets. The BBC says its shortwave broadcasts will be available on frequencies of 15735 kHz from 4PM to 6PM and 5875 kHz from 10PM to midnight, Ukraine time. News will be read in English, which the BBC says will be available in Kyiv as well as “parts of Russia.”